Monday, November 23, 2015


The power of religion has hardly diminished in last 10000 years. The assumption that with progress of knowledge about creation and the natural world, our faith on an unknown God will diminish does not seem to be correct. Even well educated scientists believe in God. I think our insecurity and inadequacy is too strong to be dispelled by reason and data alone. At least in it's present form. I think instead of trying to explain away the Cosmos and the creation, study of our brain will yield better result in dispelling religion. Draft post. I will work on it later.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Spent four days in paradise. Sun, sea and sand. Total bliss. Papanasam beach and Janardanswamy temple absolved me of all sins. Believe me, I sinned. Seashore beach resort was a beauty. The staff were like angels. Had a real good time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I woke up with this idea this morning. I think this is worth noting down. I am unhappy most of the time because I want to change the world the way I want. They key to happiness is to accept the world the way it is. Of course this is morally reprehensible idea, because if everybody thinks this way the world will stay a shitty place it is. But nonetheless it is very comforting.

I am somewhat an extreme case. I worry about things that does not affect me directly and about things I have absolutely no control over. And because I am such a lazy person, I never do anything to change anything. That makes things worse.

Again I am a lazy man. So I cannot finish this post now :) I will elaborate over this idea when I get a chance.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Israel is a colony

I wrote this in response to a blog by Sam Harris. The mail bounced. So I posted this to my blog.

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am a huge fan of Bill Maher and you. I believe everything that you say about the rise of militant Islam and the threat it poses to the rest of the world, especially to atheists like me.

Few days back I wrote a paragraph about how Bill Maher, such a prominent and funny atheist, conveniently forgets that he is being religious when he supports Israel. I also wrote, any Jew no matter how rational, secular she might be, has to support Israel, including Einstein. Jews are the most intelligent people in this world. But when it comes to Israel, they simply suspend all their judgment and support every single atrocity that Israel commits. Then I saw you being so irrational as to support Israel against Palestine and I started thing he must be a Jew, otherwise no rational human being can support Israel in this conflict. I was again bang right.

As you are surprised by the innocence of Ben Affleck, we are by yours. It is obvious like daylight that Israel is the biggest mistreatment meted out by one group of people to another since the foundation of America. It is the last colony in this planet and it has the potential of being the cause of the third world war. Israelite are the most cruel, greedy, land hungry, racist people on this planet, even worse than the British, the French, the American colonists. The Germans were far more benign colonists in Africa than Israel in Palestine.

Hamas is not a terrorist organization. They are a reaction to Israeli terror. Unlike the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Chechans, the Pakis, I have never seen any Hamas fighter doing jihad anywhere outside Gazza. In Gaza, they are fighting for their honour with stones and rifles against planes and tanks. They will always have my support, Muslim or atheist does not matter. Because we were once a colony. We know how it feels when someone takes away your land, your home your honour.

You will never understand their pain. For you, they are terrorists who should be eliminated.


Friday, August 29, 2014


I love Bill Maher. I watch all his shows on YouTube. He is so funny and witty. I just enjoy when he makes fun of religion. One thing I do not like about him is support for Israel. I just watched one of his shows on YouTube. In it he also had a Jewish guest (Some "Stein". All "steins" are Jews, like all "anis" are Sindhis, Ambani, Advani, Sukhwani). Predictably both Bill Maher (he is half Jew) and his guest were supporting Israel. I just so wished that I was there to tell Bill that he is unknowingly being religious here! All Jews support Israel, including Einstein. Why? The reason is not political. It is religious. Had it been political, they would have bought a piece of land somewhere in the world that is more fertile, less contested and less religious than Israel. They had the money to do so back then. They still have the resources today to move to a safer and better place. But they will not do it. Because they believe that land is given to the Jews by God and they have a duty to live on that land. So all Jews, secular even atheists, subscribe to the idea of Israel. I think the only people who can challenge the Jews in their adherence to faith are the Muslims. Now when these two are pitted together in a contest for the very essence of their existence, I think there is a potential for a third world war here.

That begs the question why am I sympathetic to the Palestinians. I supported Palestinians when I was young because I was an idealist. Same reason I was a Communist at one point. I actually cried when Yasser Arafat died. But I grew up and came to reason. Now I consider Arafat a corrupt leader who should have been removed from power long before his death. I obviously don't like Hamas ideology. Every time, in every conflict, the Palestinians always sided with their fellow Muslim brothers against India, be it Kashmir or Pakistan. Whereas Israel is a friendly country. Sells us guns at a cheaper price than America. I tried my best to change my view and support Israel. But I can't. In every conflict between the two, I end up supporting Palestinians, even Hamas. To me Israel is the last colony, that will never go and Palestinians are very symbol of people resisting occupation. The truth could be something different. But that's my perception. In my opinion, if my land is taken away like that, I should fight back, regardless of the cost. The same reason I support the Tamils in Sri Lanka, even LTTE, knowing full well that they are a blood thirsty corrupt organization that terrorize their own people.

One thing is true, I have never seen a Palestinian terrorist fighting anywhere outside Israel, like the Chechens, the Arabs, the Pakis, the Egyptians, the Uyghur's,...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rahul Gandhi's Interview in the Hindu

I am no fan of Modi and I used to like Rahul Gandhi. But I am getting sick of his lies double speek. Here are my responses to his responses in his interview with the Hindu.
1) Modi calls him "Shehzada" because probably he is angry. Of course he is, so are most aspiring people in India. Here is a man who is being anointed as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the largest party, without showing any achievement whatsoever. Now he is not to be blamed for that. We are the ones prostrating before him for his last name. But at least he should accept this fact and be embarrassed about it.
2) In Modi's India there is no place for the poor. Not sure about that. But I do know that the Congress loves the poor. So much so, it does not let them out of poverty. How many "Garibi Hatao" programs have they launched? We still have the largest number of poor people in the planet. That is true love for poor people. 3) The Congress is all about internal democracy. Imagine someone contesting for the Congress president's post against Sonia. She will be lynched. Last time I think one guy filed his nomination and he was beaten up by supporters. Its current PM is appointed, its PM nominee is anointed. That's true democracy.
4) All Modi does is give away natural resources to a few business houses at throwaway prices. At least he did not take bribe for them Congress gave away 2G, Coal mines, Gas, land to the same business houses and took huge bribes.
I stopped reading after this. He has already become like his father, doublespeak and peddler of false hope.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stop Modi

In the last five general elections, I wanted BJP to win. While the left side of my head argued that BJP is rightist and communal, the right side of my heart always wanted them to win. Because deep down, I felt the majority Hindus should take pride of their own country (India is after all a Hindu country), while providing full protection and equality to the minority. Up until Modi came to the scene, I never truly believed that BJP is utterly communal. I rather felt that Congress and other parties are pseudo secular. They are just using Muslim vote bank.
But this time it is different. This time it is not a "VAJAPA Sarkar" (I hate that term), but rather a "Modi Sarkar" (A term I hate even more). I cannot accept Modi as my prime minister. He is exactly against all the values I care for and he is s serious threat to the very essence of our polity, which is based on allowing diversity. Without this tolerance of diversity, Indian polity will break apart. At a social and religious level, India is not a tolerant country. Most differences lead to violence here. However at a national political scene, somehow good sense prevail and politicians realize that accepting diversity is the only way to keep the country together. Otherwise this diverse, intolerant and deeply religious country will fall apart. With Modi, that sense might get lost. He is already showing his unilateral attitude towards his own party. I cannot imagine how arrogant he will be if he wins a majority.
Modi lacks the sophistication to lead such a big country as India. He neither have the education or the experience. He is essentially a Gujrati Bania and knows nothing beyond that. He is anti woman, anti Muslim, anti left, anti intellectual, anti Muslim, anti Christian, anti Gay, not because he has developed intellectually opposed to any of these idea, but simply because he is ignorant of any other thoughts because of his lack of education and experience. To put it simply, "He is a thug".
So friends my heartfelt request, please vote for change tomorrow, but please do not vote for Modi. I believe even without your vote he will win the election. But I hope without your vote, we will put enough fetter around him so that he cannot roughshod his regressive ideas on us. Let's stop Modi. Let's save India.
5 May: After listening to Modi for last few days, I have changed my mind. May be he has point. At least he is bold and hard working, two of the qualities very lacking in most Indians. Not sure anymore. May be he will be a good PM.