Thursday, July 19, 2007

God fights back

I read this bbc story where a 18 year old young lady says she is willing to die for her belief. More than that, she says she wants to kill others in a suicide bombing. For last few months, papers are all full of stories about terrorist attacks. While there are probably many motives behind these attacks, religion seems to be one of the running themes. And that’s not all, it could be just me, but it seems that more and more young people are turning to religion. Himesh Reshmiya, a popular singer and actor says that his recent success in his new movie has nothing to do with his talents or hard work; it’s all because of God’s good grace. And that seems to be the mood of many young people. It depresses me when I see that the society regresses to something that I find impossible to accept. Because I think that with time, people become more rational and less religious.

But then I thought that there is nothing new to it. Throughout ages of human history it happened many times, resurgence of blind faith and renunciation of rational thoughts. But the reassuring part is, in the end it’s always truth that prevails. God retreats to the dark corner of human ignorance and fear, where only he can live. In fear and in ignorance.