Saturday, July 03, 2010


This morning on my way to work, I was listening to Lenon’s Imagine. I have listened to this song more than 20 times before. I enjoyed the music, appreciated the lyrics, but never actually paid attention. Never actually tried to “Imagine”. Today I did! It was fascinating.

To be honest, I find the lyrics quite pretentious. All these “A brotherhood of man” and “Living life in peace” sounds BS to me. IMHO, we are violent animals. We will keep fighting even without country and religions, in fact we do. Lenon makes this BS palatable by his incredible music, but it remains bull. May be in another 20000 years our genes will change and we will become peaceful. Until then we will fight, no matter what.

But I did try to imagine a world without boarders and religion and I found this idea fascinating. It will be such a beautiful world. For example, I hate the Chinese. I don’t hate the Chinese people. If fact I am deeply intrigued by the people and their culture. But I hate the country. If there were no countries, I would love the Chinese people and would like to go there, eat their food, share their thoughts, and see the places. It would be fun. Same with Bangladesh. I love their language, their warm hospitality, their food. But I hate when they persecute the Hindu’s there, because of religion. It’s such a shame.

Thank you Lenon for this nice idea, albeit with a ton of bull.

By the way, half of this idea was there in Rabindranath’s “Where the mind is without fear”. But that was even bigger load of bull.