Friday, September 16, 2011


Yesterday I saw our unborn baby's heart beating using USG. It was an electrifying feeling. It is a seven week old foetus of roughly one centimeter. But still it is life, created. I cannot describe the feeling. It was something I never felt before.

I never wanted to have a baby. I considered it not only an unnecessary trouble, but a huge risky emotional investment. So when we came to know that Ranjita was pregnant, I did not have any special feeling. Of course I liked the fact that she was happy, but my feelings did not go beyond that.

But that stoicism was swept aside yesterday. Now I am waiting for more excitement!

Update on 12 October:

Now I lost that excitement. I am back to zero feeling again. Not even thinking about it. I am back to my drinks/movies/books combo. I love my life.