Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I woke up with this idea this morning. I think this is worth noting down. I am unhappy most of the time because I want to change the world the way I want. They key to happiness is to accept the world the way it is. Of course this is morally reprehensible idea, because if everybody thinks this way the world will stay a shitty place it is. But nonetheless it is very comforting.

I am somewhat an extreme case. I worry about things that does not affect me directly and about things I have absolutely no control over. And because I am such a lazy person, I never do anything to change anything. That makes things worse.

Again I am a lazy man. So I cannot finish this post now :) I will elaborate over this idea when I get a chance.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Israel is a colony

I wrote this in response to a blog by Sam Harris. The mail bounced. So I posted this to my blog.

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am a huge fan of Bill Maher and you. I believe everything that you say about the rise of militant Islam and the threat it poses to the rest of the world, especially to atheists like me.

Few days back I wrote a paragraph about how Bill Maher, such a prominent and funny atheist, conveniently forgets that he is being religious when he supports Israel. I also wrote, any Jew no matter how rational, secular she might be, has to support Israel, including Einstein. Jews are the most intelligent people in this world. But when it comes to Israel, they simply suspend all their judgment and support every single atrocity that Israel commits. Then I saw you being so irrational as to support Israel against Palestine and I started thing he must be a Jew, otherwise no rational human being can support Israel in this conflict. I was again bang right.

As you are surprised by the innocence of Ben Affleck, we are by yours. It is obvious like daylight that Israel is the biggest mistreatment meted out by one group of people to another since the foundation of America. It is the last colony in this planet and it has the potential of being the cause of the third world war. Israelite are the most cruel, greedy, land hungry, racist people on this planet, even worse than the British, the French, the American colonists. The Germans were far more benign colonists in Africa than Israel in Palestine.

Hamas is not a terrorist organization. They are a reaction to Israeli terror. Unlike the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Chechans, the Pakis, I have never seen any Hamas fighter doing jihad anywhere outside Gazza. In Gaza, they are fighting for their honour with stones and rifles against planes and tanks. They will always have my support, Muslim or atheist does not matter. Because we were once a colony. We know how it feels when someone takes away your land, your home your honour.

You will never understand their pain. For you, they are terrorists who should be eliminated.