Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More about God

In the last post I observed that there is a resurgence of faith all over the world. I think I got an explanation for this. The world around us is becoming more insecure and more uncertain. The easy access to technologies has bettered our lives, but at the same time it also made us feel insecure. I take mobile phone as a classic example. It has made communication easy. But also has created a lot of uncertainties. If I forget to take the phone with me, I feel totally lost. If my loved one is going somewhere and she fails to make a phone call as soon as she reaches her destination, I am tensed. Same is true with our jobs. We now have higher paying jobs doing interesting works, but no security. All these uncertainties pushes us to something that is certain, GOD. It does help. At least it gives us comfort through the crisis period. And that explains why it is becoming so popular, because IT HELPS.

There is another reason for this. The more prosperous we become, the more lonely we get. Poor people stick together. Rich people hardly do. So with increasing prosperity, the world is becoming more lonely. Lonely people are more insecure and hence turn to god.