Thursday, October 25, 2012


Is beard associated to knowledge, intellect? The prophets had beard, Moses, Abraham, Rabindranath, Aurobindo, Socrates. Do we still associate beard with intellect? Why else do Pronoy Roy, Daniel Dennet keep a beard? It's uncomfortable, it's probably unhigenic. To me, It's disgusting (I am not passing any judgement here. Just a very personal opinion). Then why do they keep it?

Sunil Ganguli

I am not a big fan of kobita. But I like kobita. I loved Sunil because of his Kakababu stories. Difficult to accept there will be no more Kakababu-Sontu. I also liked a few stories of Neellohit. I loved his aricles in Anandabazar. Thanks a lot Sunil Ganguli. We will miss you.