Thursday, November 10, 2005

A thought from 21 July, 2001

Last night I was watching a Playboy Playmate profile featuring a gorgeous twin from Peru. Man they were beautiful! They drove me crazy. Then came their mom for an interview. She was saying how proud she was for her daughters. I was thinking she can't be serious. Who will be proud of her daughter who takes off her clothes for money? Then I thought why not? If her daughters were singers or chess players, she would definitely feel proud of them. But that's exactly the same thing. Using your god given talent to entertain others. May be a singer or a chess player hones his talent a little. For some like Mozart, even that was not necessary. But so did these two girls. They kept their bodies trim and their beauty intact. So what's wrong in showing something so beautiful? It is our social stigma against sex which makes us think differently. In my opinion that stigma originated because we feel guilty to get so much of pleasure.


Soham Pablo said...

How does one apply for immigration to Peru ?


Absolutely. Some people have a sweet voice, some have a sweet...

As Raveena Tandon sings in "Vijeta"

Gunghat main mukhre ko kyon me chupaoon,
Rup diya raam ne to kyon na dikhaoon.