Friday, November 04, 2011


I would have given up my right hand for these books when I was a child! We had a half hour class break in our high school. Before this break we would line up in front of the library gate. As soon as the library opens, we will jump on the books and try to read as much as we can during that half an hour break. When we were promoted to class VIII, once every month we were allowed to take a book home. I still vividly remember the joy and pleassure I used to get reading the books "Tarzan the fearless", "Tarzan in wonderland" on those rare occations when I was allowed to take them home. It feels surreal that now I can have them all! Thanks a lot "Dev Sahitya Kutir (P) Ltd." or Kuts as Ranjita and I call them :) for giving me the opportunity to relive my childhood all over again.

I think thank-you and IOU is also due to Sanjib, who shared his PustakVandar of "anubad series", "sharadias" with me. I cannot explain how much I loved those books then and how much I love them now.

Update on 11 November 2011:

I re-read 4-5 stories from the detective series. They are pretty good compared to the contemporary detective stories (Mitin, Arjun etc.) So apart from nostalgic values, they have their own place even in today.


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