Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muammar Qaddafi

I do not know Muammar Qaddafi was good or bad, his rule was brutal or benign. People of Libya are a better judge for that. From what I gather it is a mixed a reaction. He did rule well in the beginning but became corrupt with power at the end. Usual story of old revolutionaries.

But this thing I do know for certain, the western imperialist who are calling him a “mad dog” and a brutal dictator are far worse than him for the people of Libya. They don’t give a shit for the people or Libya, freedom, democracy etc. etc. They want OIL FOR THEIR CORPORATIONS and now they have got it. They are hand in glove with far more brutal dictators all across the Arab world and the rest of the world. What I do know that this guy stood against the loot of the natural resources of Libya by the imperialist oil companies at least at the beginning of his career and gave the wealth back to his people. And they never forgave him for that. They could not carry on with their loot as long as he was alive. So he had to go.

This is a very familiar tactic. Any ruler that has natural resources and is unwilling to part that to the western companies, the western media starts maligning him first. Then they call a few goons to Europe, give them money, woman whatever and ask them to start a fake revolution. It does not matter how many people revolt. Then they send their planes and tanks to protect the people from “massacre” by massacring the very same people. They justify it by showing fabricated story of mass killing, unmarked graves etc etc. Finally the remove the obstacle, install a puppet regime and take full control of the oil. The people of that country are totally fucked. But amazingly it works. I hardly read any article protesting what is going on in Libya. Everyone has taken for granted that that’s how the world will work. Not even one protest march anywhere in the world.

I am just wondering who is next. Is it Iran or Venezuela?

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