Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tere Bin Laden

Last night I saw the movie Tere Bin Laden and I loved it! Here is why.

1) It was short, only 95 minutes. I don't racall seeing such a short hindi movie before.
2) It was damn funny :) Not that Jonny Lever/Govinda/Akshay Kumar crap. It was real fun. The spoofs were creative, spot on, the character were well chosen, particularly the communist guy! Real good stuff.
3) It did not degenerate, perhaps because the director knew when to end it. Thanks alot! Just because I paid money, does not mean that you have to entertain(read torture) me for 3 hours.
4) There was no sentimental crap anywhere in the movie as is typical in hindi moview.
5) They did not try to portrey Pakistan in bad light, as is typical in hindi movies. Neither were they sentimental India-Pakistan bhai-bhai type. They showed what seemed real and funny.
7) The dialogs were smart and convicing.